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Latchaw, Montgomery, and Peck, Inc. provides sales representation to some of the top lines in plumbing and heating. Explore the links below to learn more about our complementary lines of products.

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The Little Giant brand specializes in the water transfer market with products including wastewater, sump, sewage, effluent, dewatering, condensate, magnetic drive, and utility pumps; as well as low pressure sewer systems, and water garden pumps and products.

Baker Water Systems is a leading manufacturer of commercial and residential water well accessories. The Baker Water Systems brands include Campbell Manufacturing, Monitor, Baker Industrial, and Ideal clamps.

SJE Rhombus has been a global leader in water and wastewater for over 40 years, with pump control panels, alarm systems, level monitoring solutions, float switches, VFD controls, starter boxes, and more.

Turbo Torch, an ESAB brand, is the leading provider of air fuel brazing and soldering products, which includes portable welding torches, oxy-acetylene equipment, and more.

Jackel, Inc. is an innovator in structural foam products for basins and covers. They have a complete line of filament-wound basins, fiberglass covers, and steel and aluminum covers. They are a leader in the manufacturing of check valves, and radon pits and domes.

Camco has a full line of repair parts for water heaters, including elements and thermostats. They also have a full line water heater accessories, including water heater pans, water supply lines, relief valves, and run-off tubes.

Hartell is a leader in commercial condensate pumps, steam condensate pumps, and water transfer pumps. They also specialize in reservoir and direct connect options for laundry tray pumps.

PIPECONX offers the highest quality flexible PVC couplings, no-hub couplings, and caps, for connecting and repairing pipe.

Snyder Industries is a recognized world leader in the design and manufacturing of septic tanks, below-ground water cisterns, and above-ground water storage tanks.

Black Swan is a specialty chemical manufacturer, with sealants, putty, wax rings, lubricants, glues, cements, and many more accessories.

Founded in 1987 as a mechanical engineering firm, NDL Industries now designs and manufactures the highest quality fittings, valves, nipples, and connectors for the HVAC-R and plumbing industries.

G.T. Water Products is a family owned and operated manufacturer of USA-made plumbing products, including mechanical, hydraulic, and pneumatic test plugs and balls.

HTP, part of Ariston USA, produces a wide range of highly efficient products and system components for space heating and water heating.

American Standard is relied on by homeowners, plumbing contractors, and property managers for reliable, energy-efficient gas and electric water heaters.